Partnering with Continuum Graphics

We partnered with Continuum Graphics!

Partnering with Continuum Graphics

So this is an awesome first blog post. I have decided this is true based on the following three facts: Nobody knows who we are, we have no other blog posts, and it makes no sense for our first blog post to be about us already partnering with another team. So here we go!

So who is Continuum Graphics?

Continuum Graphics is a small and incredibly talented team of developers and artists that produce hyper realistic shaders, resource packs, and more recently a complete reimplementation of the minecraft render engine to add tons of new features for pack and shader devs, and to dramatically increase the performance of shaders and resource packs. You can read more about that neat project here.

So who is Studio Archetype??

So that's a great question, We are a team of veterans from around the community, builders all the way back from the voxelbox, developers for major servers all over the world, and of plugins that constantly rank among the most used in the server modding community. But what we all really are is a team of storytellers. We want to use our skills to drive really crazy narrative experiences, using the best technology we can create within any medium to talk about the stuff we love, which is mostly sci fi space stuff. We love space. We REALLY love space.

So how about this partnership, huh???

Studio Archetype and Continuum Graphics have aligning goals, an integral part of us using amazing technology to push the boundaries, for us anyways, is to share that tech with the community, so they can use it to make their own awesome content. It's about education, and this partnership does something really cool in educating its users. Using Shutter, Focal engine, and Continuum shaders will allow you to walk away with a basic understanding of real life film cameras and cinematography. And you learned it in Minecraft of all places, its great, we love it. And we want to continue to create products that achieve that for our users.

Wrapping it all up.

So with that, we look forward to this and future experiences with our shared communities, we tip our hat to DotModded and his team at Continuum.

You can check out their blog post on our partnership here:

You can check out their products here:




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